Military Wedding Commandment 5: You Gotta Have Friends!

You’re reading the title, and I can already hear what you’re thinking:

“I have friends, they will be sitting in the congregation thankyouverymuch.”
“Well duh, someone has to witness the thing!”
“What do my friends have to do with MY wedding?”
Answers: Yes, Yes and A Lot.

Commandment 5: You Gotta Have Friends!

So you took a load off, and let a friend take over running the day-of operations.  But now, that just gives you more time to stress about the five million other things you have no clue what to do about. Here’s where I say, in the nicest way possible: Use. Your. Friends.

Now, there are limitations, or sub commandments:

Sub Commandment A: Don’t use a ‘friend’ you won’t invite to the big day. Unless you’re eloping, going to Vegas, or they own a business and are okay with it.  Using someone for their talent, but not wanting their company if you’ve had more social contact than “I’m getting married and love your work” is a sticky situation. Avoid it by shelling out that extra $20, or not using them at all.

Sub Commandment B: Don’t use a ‘friend’ that will get their feelings hurt if you don’t go with them/their advice. If you have a friend who’s great at graphic design- put them to work! But if this same friend has paper skin, you’ll be better off doing it yourself or hiring a pro. While your friend may be amazing, creative  differences can make for an awful end for friendships.

Sub Commandment C: Don’t use your friend if s/he is a flake. Your wedding is stressful enough without having your cake baker back out because she’s decided she wants to knit scarves for Cambodian children.

What can you use your friends for, you ask? EVERYTHING! They can be ordained and perform your ceremony, design your invites, arrange your flowers, bake your cake, alter your dress, decorate your space, run the day-of operations, DJ or even cater! The sky is the limit with what your friends can help you with-so let them, and let your day be one to truly remember!

Next up is Commandment 4: Give One-Day Items a Second Chance!

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