That’s Toilet Talk!

As a parent, I know that I sometimes get excited over stuff that leaves other people completely and utterly bored. I try not to subject people to too much diaper talk, but here’s my reasoning: If you’re reading this article, then most likely you’re a parent/parental figure and will share my excitement over potty training successes. Therefore, I’m sharing. :)

Smelly turned two in August. I tell you this only for reference. Several months before his 2nd birthday he started asking to use the potty. Surprising, yes, but what parent in their right mind says no?!?! Fuschi was incredibly easy to potty train (PT) simply because he wanted to be just like his older brother. It isn’t so crazy to think Smelly was following the same path. For a couple of weeks it seemed like Smelly was on the PT train and we were on our way to diaperless days. Then, he stops. Cold turkey. Out of the blue. Flat out refuses to use the potty. Puzzling, but as I mentioned he was pretty young to even be thinking about it so we didn’t push it. (Live and learn, my friends- we traumatized Stinky by pushing PTing before he was ready. Never again.)

A few weeks ago, PTing came up, once again by Smelly. If he thinks he’s ready, I’ll go along with it, but I didn’t raise my hopes this time. Well, I’m hesitantly saying that I think this is it! So much so that I’m diving into the cavernous depths of our storage closet this weekend to pull out the baby underwear. (Typically I wouldn’t hand down underwear, but these are truly hardly used.) He’s still wearing diapers- he’s allergic to Pull Ups- at night and when we leave the house, but as long as we’re home he’s using the potty regularly. I put a pair of Fuschi’s smaller undies on him today and he faithfully remembered to use the potty. In fact, I’m seriously considering putting him in underwear the next time we leave the house. Don’t worry, I’ll pack a back up pair of pants, but it’s worth a try.

What are some of your best potty training tips? What absolutely did not work for you? I’d love hear some tips.

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