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Military Wedding Commandment 5: You Gotta Have Friends!

You’re reading the title, and I can already hear what you’re thinking: “I have friends, they will be sitting in the congregation thankyouverymuch.” “Well duh, someone has to witness the thing!” “What do my friends have to do with MY wedding?” Answers: Yes, Yes and A Lot. Commandment 5: You Gotta Have Friends!

Military Wedding Commandment 6: Take a Load Off!

You’ve planned the wedding. You’ve been intimately invested in every detail, hoping that what’s in your head somewhat resembles what happens in real life. You’ve taken yoga, you are centered, you are ready. Then the cake is chocolate, when you obviously ordered red velvet. Everything is ruined – the show can NOT go on, and [...]

Military Wedding Planning

How well do you know yourself and all the facets of your personality? It may not seem like it, but it’s crucial to how you approach your planning process and even your wedding. Have you ever seen a bride stuffed into a dress that’s obviously not ‘her’? How about a bride so stressed she can’t [...]

Plan an Army Wedding

I would venture to say that a majority of military couples get married in one of the following options: a) Married before the Army b) Waited to marry till the service member is out. c) Married at the Justice of the Peace (JoP), with the expectation of a ‘big’ wedding later. And that’s great if [...]

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