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Making friends as an Army wife

I recently posed this question on the Facebook group for Married to the Army. And a large majority said they met people online that they clicked with better rather than those who they met in person. For me, it’s a mixed bag. When my husband first joined, we were the only ones on my sites [...]

Infertility Doctors

Disclaimer: I am speaking from an Army wife point of view. The advice I am giving is based on what I went through and the associated red tape. Before I married P, I knew that I had fertility issues so when when we married and moved to his next duty station, I called my PCM. [...]

Plan in Pencil

I’m a planner. I like a map of what will happen when, who will be included and how much it will effect the budget. Fuschi and Smelly both celebrated birthdays in August. It’s also back-to-school time for the big boys. August is a busy month for us. So, with my sanity in mind, I sat [...]

Quality Time Alone

When my husband and I were living in different states, I would get so annoyed seeing cute couples together.  I know, I know…we made our choices, and we were doing what we needed to do.  But when your significant other is thousands of miles away, it can be annoying to watch your friends (or complete [...]

Top 10 Reasons I Hate the Army

Why I Hate the Army

As I said in my first post about top ten reasons I love the Army, I am not all sunshine and rainbows about Army life. There are definitely a few things I wish were different about Army life. So without further adieu, let’s dive in to the ten things I hate about the Army. 10. [...]

A Guide to Army Programming, Family-Style


There are so many programs available to our families through the military; however the problem is that not enough of us know about them. Here are a few that I have come across. I hope that you will be able to gather some good information and resources. 1. Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)- EFMP is [...]

We recently PCS’d to our new duty station, and I have been having a blast incorporating new finds with our old things that waited patiently for us in storage while we were in Korea. My latest passion? Getting the things I want, and need, for our new place on the cheap. While our new place [...]

“First Comes Love….”

Dealing with Infertility

“…Then comes marriage…Then comes _____with a baby carriage.” Many of us know that familiar little song from our childhood. We grew up singing it in an effort to embarrass friends (or perhaps enemies) on the playground or in the park. If only we’d known that having a baby is not always that easy… A little [...]

Top 10 Reasons I Love the Army

Top 10 Reasons I Love the Army

Don’t worry, I’m not all sunshine and rainbows about the Army life. In fact, my next post will be about the top 10 reasons I hate the Army. Without further adieu, let’s get started. 10. Met a Variety of People I suppose before he joined the Army, most would say I had lived a somewhat [...]

Long Distance Army Wife

Welcome everyone! I’ll start off by giving a short intro of myself:  I’m Brittany, a 20-something veteran Army wife.  I was blessed enough to be born in the wonderful state of North Carolina, but thanks to the Army I’m currently living in Colorado with my husband and two precious pups.  I am attending college as [...]

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