Preparing for TTC and IVF

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In XX weeks, my husband will be home for R&R, and we plan to TTC once more on our own before going through with IVF. Since deciding to TTC once more on our own, I’ve been making some decisions to try to get my body (and spirit) ready to bake a baby bean. :)

First on my list is to get my ass back into the dance studio and drop these last six-eight pounds. IVF drugs make me bloat and gain weight, so I want to be at my prime weight before I go through that. Exercise also will help with the stress associated with IVF, as well as get my body fit for pregnancy.

Eating healthier has been a challenge, but I am slowly getting back to the old healthy-eating-me. I am working more produce into my diet, avoiding simple sugars as much as possible and trying to eat organic when possible. Eating healthy is definitely easier now that I live in a place with more shopping options. I have found that I love adding more meatless dishes and more fish to my diet. Along with generally eating better, I am also taking prenatals and a calcium supplement on a daily basis.

Part of eating healthier also means me cutting back on alcoholic beverages. I am a woman who loves her wine, and I like having a small glass or two with dinner. I am cutting back on that now in the hopes that it helps me drop the weight and that it helps me get used not drinking in general. *sigh* I’m gonna miss my red wine but it will be totally worth it :)

I’ve also added FertilAid and FertiliTea to my daily eating/drinking/supplement routine. I have heard many good things about both products, so I decided to give both of them a try. The tea tastes good, and I think that I might actually be ovulating on time with the help of the FertilAid supplements. Another reason I wanted to use these was that I want to know in my head that I am doing everything that I can to get my body ready for TTC and for pregnancy.

Perhaps one of the most important things that I am doing (at least in my opinion) is trying to get my stress under control. Exercise and eating right will help to do that, but I am also using a guided meditation from to assist my body in getting regulated and lowering my stress. I am specifically listening to the new PCOS program that is being tested. Before that I listened to the general fertility program. I always sleep better and longer when I listen to Circle+Bloom meditations.

If you’re preparing for TTC/IVF/IUI/pregnancy, what are some things that you are doing?

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  1. says:

    Hi, I’ve starting my first cycle of IVF & ICSI in a month (date TBC) and I must admit I’m not doing anything! I’ve spent months and months taking tablets (Pregnacare & herbal) to try and make my body ready but nothing’s happened so this time I’m leaving it up to the professionals!

    I think you’re right about the stress thing, that can’t help! Even though it’s hard to keep positive with all this going on.

    If this cycle fails then I’m going to try acupunture with my next one.

    Would love to hear how you get on with the preparation.

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