Military Wedding Commandment 6: Take a Load Off!

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You’ve planned the wedding. You’ve been intimately invested in every detail, hoping that what’s in your head somewhat resembles what happens in real life. You’ve taken yoga, you are centered, you are ready.

Then the cake is chocolate, when you obviously ordered red velvet. Everything is ruined – the show can NOT go on, and it is time for a full out diva tantrum, throwing yourself to the ground in agony! Wait – what if you had someone looking out for you, who made sure that no such dramatics ever occurred?

Commandment 6: Take a Load off.I’ve seen a lot of bridal meltdowns in my time. They can happen any time, any place, with any trigger.  My personal meltdown was somewhere around the week of the wedding.

There was a huge snow storm in Oklahoma (where our friends were), and bad weather was predicted for Kentucky (where we were).  I had just received another cancellation, and I flipped out. Crying mess to my sorority sister over IM, my dad and I having it out about emotions in real life, and that prescription for anti-anxiety medication my doctor gave me didn’t seem so silly all of a sudden. My loving husband-to-be was away with his bachelor party at that point, so I couldn’t vent to him. I was worried that my space would look empty and like my husband and I had no friends.  Luckily, I had a wedding planner.

I found myself saying for a lot of the week…
“Get to Wednesday, then it’s their job to be stressed”

“Dora will know what to do, I should call her”.

Bless the people who take up jobs in the service industry.

I highly, highly, highly recommend you hire a wedding planner. It is worth the cost. Some planners (shameless plug-DeLovely Events!) will work with you if you are on a budget. Can’t afford it still? Have a friend ‘take over’ starting at the rehearsal. Even just having them be the main contact person the day of can take a world of stress off your shoulders.

Fact of the matter is, planning a wedding is stressful enough. Add in the military and it’s no wonder we sometimes turn into bridezillas. Nothing is impossible, but don’t you want to enjoy your day?

Be sure you are sharing in all the happy and positive things that are happening instead of looking back on a day you’d never want to relive. Take a load off, and let someone else be in charge.

Get ready to start the beginning of the end with Commandment 5: You Gotta Have Friends!

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