Meatless Monday: Making it Easy

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When my husband and I decided to start eating more meatless meals, I overwhelmed myself looking for recipes and dishes. It seemed that all I was finding were recipes and dishes that required actual work and preparation. I enjoy cooking, but it’s difficult for me to put together nice meals during the work week since I work full times. I was feeling a bit disappointed until I had an “Aha!” moment – my meatless dishes could be as easy as my meat meals.

One of my go to ideas for easy meatless meals are Mexican dishes. In our house, we love soft tacos for dinner. I serve them with a side of refried beans and Spanish rice. I’ve learned that having black bean soft tacos are an easy and delicious meatless option. Just rinse, drain and heat the beans, then use them in place of your normal meat filling. It is seriously yummy, and it satisfies my husband the meat lover. You can use black beans in place of meat for crunchy tacos, tostadas and quesadillas as well.

Another even easier option for meatless dishes are canned soup and frozen meals. With all of these, be sure to look at the sodium content. I enjoy the frozen meals but try not to eat them regularly because of the sodium. Having said that, Amy’s Organic has some seriously yummy meatless dishes. A few times per month I eat her spinach pizza and some of the Mexican dishes in her line. Other meatless frozen options are foods made by Morningstar. One of the staples in my freezer are Morningstar Buffalo Chik’n Bites. The buffalo flavor is sooooo good, and I don’t miss the actual chicken part.

Eating meatless doesn’t have to mean having more work to do in the kitchen. There are lots of easy options out there for those nights that you need a quick meal.

What’s your favorite easy meatless meal?

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