He’s Gone and I’m Still Not Pregnant

My husband came home for R&R and we gave TTC naturally one last try. I had all the signs of ovulation-well, other than what shows on OPK and BBT; did not want the stress of doing those-so we were hopeful. Well, AF came today so no miracle R&R baby for us. I was not really expecting a BFP but I was hoping. Needless to say, I am drinking lots of wine tonight :)

So we are 100%, officially on track for IVF 1.0 in January. Am I nervous? Hell yes. I still remember the tummy injections from the IUIs and I am not looking forward to that again. I am also anxious about the stress involved due to my raging hormones and deployment, which is why I will begin regular therapy again in the next couple of weeks. I have a plan, though, so hopefully that will help keep the anxiety in check.

What’s the plan, you ask? To lose the 15 lbs that I’ve gained from IUI meds and R&R gluttony (that will involve healthy eating & exercise); regular therapy; prenatal yoga; taking natural fertility supplements; and using acupuncture during the IVF cycle. Hopefully all of that will help to stay (relatively) calm during this whole process.

If AF decides to stay relatively normal, I should start the IVF medications in mid to late January. With that time table, I’ll find out if it worked around Valentine’s Day (which is 2 days from our anniversary). That has to be a good sign, right?

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2 Responses to “He’s Gone and I’m Still Not Pregnant”

  1. Heather says:

    I just saw this post and have been struggling with infertility for a few years. We were referred to a specialist at our last duty station but after a few rounds of meds we still didn’t conceive. Things got put on hold due to PCSing but now we want to start looking into treatments again. Unfortunately where we are at now doesn’t have a fertility specialist in the hospital and are wondering what cost are for IUI or IVF. Does TriCare cover any of the costs, how much will come out of pocket?? Any information would be appreciated.

    • Faith says:

      Tricare does cover some of the costs. With hormone treatments and timed intercourse they covered everything for us, meds (including injectable meds, not just clomid), ultrasounds and appointments with DR. With IUI they did not cover all of the meds but did cover all of the DR visits and the ultrasounds. We also had to pay $350 for the actual IUI process. If you go to the Tricare wesbite there is a page that talks about what they cover for infertility. Go see your PCM manager and have them put a referral in for you to getthe ball rolling. The DR they send you to will know exaclty what you can expect to spend out of pocket.

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