Hello friends!

I’m Val…I’m a 20-something Southern gal, married to my best friend, B, for two years. I am a former active duty wife, now a National Guard wife – something we’re both getting used to, but so far enjoying. My role on this blog will be a little more behind the scenes. I am a writer by profession and self-proclaimed grammar and spelling nerd. So I will be editing all of these lovely ladies’ entries to be sure there are no accidental misinterpretations based on using the wrong word (I had a former boss who left out the letter “l” in the word public one time…totally changed the meaning of the sentence!).

I’ll also be stepping in as guest blogger from time to time, so you’ll learn about me and my Army experiences then. By no means am I as much of an expert on any of these topics as the ladies who will regularly contribute, but I do think my perspective will mix things up a bit.

A little about me…I attended the best university in the South – the University of Alabama – where I met my fantastic husband. We actually met the first month of college, but didn’t start dating until after we’d both finished undergrad. I went on to receive my masters from UA while B continued his training with the Army.

I married into the Army, after he had completed most of his four years of active duty, but endured a 15-month deployment while engaged and almost a year in a basic training unit in Georgia after we were married. We ultimately decided to leave active duty to move closer to family and for me to pursue my career. It’s not a decision we have ever regretted! B now drills with a National Guard unit close to home and will do so until at least 2014.

As mentioned, I work in the communications industry and love it. We have a sweet dog, Grace, who proudly sports her crimson and white during football season!

Feel free to leave me comments, and I look forward to getting to know you all!

Until then!

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