Uncle Sam’s Mistress

Hello from the “Volunteer” state of Tennessee! My name is “Uncle Sam’s Mistress” and married to an Army Reservist who serves as a Combat Medic. I am our local unit’s FRG Leader and Regional Command’s FRG Instructor Trainer as well as a member of our Disabled American Veterans Ladies Auxiliary. I have three beautiful boys that keep me a hoppin’ all the time and who are a joy to my life.

To combat the deployment time, I started a non-profit candle business, , as a way to keep busy and a way for me to give back to our troops. I am proud to say it’s still going strong!

Post deployment has found our family within the grasps of Post Traumatic Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury. Because we are geographically challenged in Tennessee, our family has had to endure no available resources, not much help in the way of the Army, and we have been facing these nasty beasts on our own for the last three years and counting. I started blogging as self-help therapy because there isn’t any support groups for me as a spouse.

I am a huge supporter of these silent wounds and speak any chance I can get on these topics fighting to gain more recognition for our soldiers and their families. I am proud to say that I am a member of the ““, author of and now a very proud writer on this blog!

My blogs will walk you through the daily task of living with a soldier with PTSD/TBI and how I feel in regards to daily life, VA disability, Marriage Counseling and Individual therapy, as well as addressing stigmas not just for our soldiers but our spouses as well. I will also be giving coping skills, tips that works for our family, resources and to provide comfort to other spouses who feel the way I do.

I hope to educate other spouses by sharing my true stories and feelings to others as well as reach out a helping hand to others who are going through the same hell I am. Together, we will find a way to combat PTSD and TBI! If you would like to add comments, resources or just vent, drop me a line! I would love to hear from you!

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