Mrs Prim and Proper

My name is Shauna Pearl Robey and people call me an old soul. I should have been born in the era of women always wearing skirts, pumps, and lipstick while listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee on the scratchy radio before TV was ever thought of. I was brought up as an only child by parents who instilled in me that with God, family and a lot of hard work anything is possible.

I’m a local grown, fresh bought, home cooked from scratch kind of girl who calls Hawaii home. I have been blessed with a husband who never ceases to amaze me with his hard work and dedication to his family and country. I am proud to be his Army wife! I hold great value in customs, traditions, and social graces – like I said I was born in the wrong era.

Hopefully I may convince a few of you to get on my train and head back to the good ole’ days when kids respected their elders, tea dresses were worn more often, there were no questions or confusions as to who sat where at what function and why, and most importantly every girl on the block knew how to wear opera length pearls.

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