Jessica Mace

My name is Jessica Mace, and I’m the ‘Party Girl’! Don’t get confused-I don’t dance on tables or put lampshades on my head. I’m here to chat with you about all the big social events in life — weddings, graduations, balls, anniversary parties and more.

I’m stationed at Ft. Bragg with my husband, Christopher, and our Great Dane, JB. We were married 31 December 2009 in the ceremony and reception of our dreams, which helped me to realize my passion for event planning. I own my own event planning business — . I specialize in helping military brides have the day of their dreams, no matter the time frame or budget!

When I’m not dreaming up ‘happily ever afters’, I enjoy crafting, taking care of our dog, cooking, and rekindling my appreciation of my first love-dance. I’m 20-something with big dreams for life post-hip surgery.

Sit on back and enjoy the ride! You’re on your way to becoming the life of the party.

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