My name is Carissa. I have been an Army wife and stay-at-home mom since 2008.

Before my husband joined the army, I was a marketing professional, working 60 hours a week as I desperately struggled to climb the corporate ladder. I had high hopes for my career when we discovered we had been blessed with an amazing gift: a baby girl. When our little one was a week old, I quit my job and we moved to a different state. DH joined the Army and we have been moving ever since. Before DH had even been in the Army for 2 years, we had already moved four times (not all Army related).

When our paperwork to join DH in South Korea took forever to complete, we decided to use every dime in our savings and pay our own way, leaving almost everything we owned in storage and arriving with mere suitcases. Being a family was more important to us than stacking cash.

I may be a newer Army wife but moving multiple times, living in another country with very little money and being a new stay-at-home mom, I learned the most important lesson of my life: Home is where my family is.

Regardless of how much money we had in the bank or how long DH was in the field, I discovered ways to make our empty apartment more homey, making home-made holiday decorations or doing something as simple as putting some taper candles into some glass holders on our dinner table.

Join me on this journey to make our homes and our families more comfortable in a more efficient, inexpensive manner. It does not matter where we live, how often we move, whether we rent or we own, we can be comfortable and relaxed with our family and feel like we belong, no matter where we reside.

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