Brittany B

Hey y’all!
(yes, I have a Southern accent, be sure to read this with that in mind)

My name is Brittany, and I am a proud Christian, Army Wife, and college student.

For 2.5 of my husband’s 4 years of service, I lived in our hometown in North Carolina while he was off in…many different places. He joined right after high school, so our first year as an “Army couple” was spent with him off in training and me finishing high school. We got engaged the summer after I graduated and hurried to plan a wedding before he deployed that fall. Since I was starting college and he was deploying, we decided it made more sense for me to stay in NC and attend college as planned until he returned from the sandbox.

We were engaged in July and married by November. His deployment date actually ended up getting pushed back (rare in the Army, but just goes to show you why veteran military spouses tell you to be prepared for any kind of change). He was able to return to NC for the holidays, and didn’t ship out until March. So during my freshman year of college, I managed to plan and pull off a wedding as well as send my husband off to war…and still made the Dean’s List. :)

The next year of my life consisted of searching the web for care package ideas, making weekly trips to the post office, talking to my husband almost exclusively through AIM, planning for R&R, preparing to move halfway across the country alone, preparing for homecoming (which is kind of impossible to do), listening to people’s opinion on my marriage, long distance relationship, the military/war/government (for some reason, people seem to think that if you have a relationship with the military that must mean you are interested in their opinion regarding the different branches, wars, and politicians), and so much more.

Today my husband & I have actually managed to spend over a year in the same household! We are currently stationed at Ft. Carson, CO. While it’s definitely not home, it’s a beautiful part of the country and we are happy to be here. My husband is reaching the end of his service, and we are currently in the ETS process (which is proving to be more complicated than other thing we have encountered in the Army, including his deployment). So once again, I (and now he) will be thrust into that awkward place of not quite belonging to the military, but not quite being an average civilian either.

That is why I wanted to help with this blog. The Army is truly another world sometimes, and it was so difficult for me to switch back and forth between the Army and civilian lifestyles. I honestly can’t be sure that I am an “expert” on this subject, but if there is any way that I could help other significant others who are in that uncomfortable in between place then I have to try.

I hope that you all will enjoy this blog, and I’m begging of you- please comment and interact with me! Your suggestions, questions, and comments will be more appreciated than you can imagine. I don’t want to just be another blogger who goes on & on about something no one cares about. I really want to help you, but that means you have to let me know what you are interested in reading about!

You can follow my day-to-day life through my blog .

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