Becca M

I am currently an Army wife who is living in the Colorado Springs area and loving life! My husband and I have 6 beautiful furbabies (4 dogs and 2 cats) and have been trying to have a skin kid since February 2005. My husband has perfect swimmers but I have been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and Stage 2 endometriosis. I have become very comfortable with needs, ultrasounds and personal questions. Seriously, ask me anything-I really don’t mind.

Since TTC (trying to conceive) I have become passionate about getting healthy and eating as close to nature as possible. I have cut back on meat, buy organic as much as humanly possible and am now dipping my toes into a gluten free diet. I love sharing what I’ve learned with others as well as learning from others.

When not working I LOVE doing Zumba and taking other classes at my local dance studio. I also enjoy doing yoga, reading, hiking, fishing, shooting and shopping. :)

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