“I am a Mom and an Army Wife. What’s your super power?” No, I can’t lay claim to that quote, but I feel like it describes my life perfectly. The Army Wife Life requires that I am part super hero, part Mom and part Dad, part coach, part counselor, part teacher, part plumber… well, you get the idea. Sometimes all at once.

Around these parts I’m usually called Mommy, but you can call me Amber. I am in my lates 20s with 3 beautiful sons (don’t tell them I called them beautiful), an amazing husband, and Daisy the wonderdog. MyHero and I became high school sweethearts in 1999. We married in 2001 and are still going strong. We made the decision that he would join the Army in 2009. We are older than your average newbies, and at this time MyHero has not deployed, but we’ve no doubt there is one in his not so distant future.

My munchkins are Stinky born in 2001, Fuschi born in 2004, and Smelly born in 2008. Stinky is my moody one, happiest in a quiet moment with a book to read, a journal to write in, or a sketch pad to doodle on. He wants to make everyone happy, and be everything to everyone, always. He *might* take after his Momma. Fuschi oozes charm. While I have no problem telling him no, it’s rare that people who haven’t built an immunity to his charm have uttered that word to him. He is always on the move whether it’s an organized sports team or (literally- I have pics) climbing our walls. Smelly is a cuddly sweetheart of a Momma’s boy. His vocabulary is exploding at an amazing rate and his greatest wish at this point in life is to be just like his big brothers. He does pretty well keeping up with them, and it helps that they (usually) don’t mind him tagging along.

In the very limited time I’m not immersed in children’s activities I LOVE to read, I’m a bit addicted to the internet, I sew and crochet, and dark chocolate is never a bad thing. It is one of my greatest wishes to write a book, and I’ve started several (sssshhhh, no one knows I’m trying to write a book). I’m going to do my best to help you navigate the Army Brat’s life, and I can’t wait to get to know you.

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