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My Evolution as a Mom

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! When I had my first baby, I was short to temper and quick to impatience. I was more concentrated on everything LOOKING perfect, rather than being okay. I cooked and cleaned and did laundry all. Day. Long. While a [...]

It is that time of year. Back-to-school time! Don’t get me wrong…I sooo enjoy my boys. As the end of each school year approaches, I start to get giddy thinking of all the fun stuff I have planned for them. They get giddy thinking about sleeping in late, marathon TV sessions and limitless video games. [...]

Parenting Mistakes

It has been a while! Between school starting and all the other parental duties, it has been a crazy few weeks. My casa (house) has been filled with lots of yelling lately! My daughter, who was born in 2006, has really kicked the attitude up a notch. I find myself playing the “Bad Cop” a [...]

Discussing the Risks With Our Children

Helping Kids Cope with Deployment

In my first blog post, I touched on the fact that my oldest son is very concerned about Daddy dying. I know I’m jumping right in with a heavy topic here, but it’s one that deserves addressing. Stinky is 9 years old, which is old enough to have at least a vague, if not more [...]

Dealing with the Kids’ Questions about Death

Helping kids cope with deployments

Death or the fear of dying….. Whether you are a military family or not, the fear is the same. However, when you are a military family it often hits to close to home. At some point, our children will have questions for us and we will have to answer to them. I read somewhere that children [...]

The Roller-Coaster of the Army and Parenting

Army Family

Hello! So, yep, you guessed it..I’m an Army Wife! Proud to be one since 2008. I’m also a mother to Hero who was born in 2005 and Princess, born in 2006. You read that correctly…they are barely 12 months apart! What can I say? Somewhere along the line, I lost my sanity, but I’m sure [...]

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