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Infertility and Stress

For even more information about the Army lifestyle, check out the Married to the Army. I haven’t written in a while, truthfully because since P is deployed, we are on a forced TTC break and waiting until a certain month to do IVF in the hopes that he’ll be home for the birth. Right now [...]

What To Do When You Can’t Get Pregnant

Infertility Doctors

Disclaimer: I am speaking from an Army wife point of view. The advice I am giving is based on what I went through and the associated red tape. Before I married P, I knew that I had fertility issues so when when we married and moved to his next duty station, I called my PCM. [...]

PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

*Disclaimer – I am not a doctor. This post about PCOS is about my diagnosis, my symptoms, my treatment and my experience with the disease. If you have PCOS or think that you have it, please talk to your doctor about the treatment that is right for you. When P and I first started on [...]

Deciphering the Infertility Acronyms of Trying to Get Pregnant

Infertility Acronyms

Here are some of the common acronyms in the infertility world. If you have any others to add, please feel free to do so in the comments. 2WW – 2 Week Wait (the time between ovulation and AF’s arrival or between IUI/IVF and beta test) AF – Aunt Flo AH – Assisted Hatching ART – [...]

“First Comes Love….”

Dealing with Infertility

“…Then comes marriage…Then comes _____with a baby carriage.” Many of us know that familiar little song from our childhood. We grew up singing it in an effort to embarrass friends (or perhaps enemies) on the playground or in the park. If only we’d known that having a baby is not always that easy… A little [...]

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