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Take Care of Yourself First

**I’m writing this post today specifically from a women’s perspective for other women. If you are a man reading this, please don’t be offended or feel left out. I’m sure that much of it applies to you, but this is based on what I hear from other women, especially military wives. Stress affects people in [...]

Living with Food Allergies

Understanding how to handle food allergies can be challenging, especially when a person is allergic to everyday items like eggs or wheat. Food allergies can range from the slightly annoying to the life-threatening. Some people find food allergies by accident, via anaphylactic shock, while others learn from a visit to an allergist. Familiarizing yourself with [...]

The Importance of Loving Exercise

I am the first to admit that exercise is not necessarily something that I’ve always loved to do…until now. I used to MAKE myself go to the gym and sweat through a treadmill run/walk and then a weight routine. I do not like weights, at all. I enjoy running but unfortunately my feet do not, [...]

Avoid Convenience Foods

Let’s face it, most of the time, home cooking soothes the soul like nothing else can. It is also much easier on my budget and much healthier for my family. That being said, not everyone has time to make everything from scratch to avoid the pitfalls of processed food and tighten that grocery budget. Between [...]

Healthy Eating

Deciding what to cook and finding the time to do it are tough enough, let alone the time it takes to research what’s healthy and what’s not. It would be so much easier if all we had to do was read product packaging, but the reality is that packaging is first and foremost a sales [...]

Slim Down Your Grocery Bill: Seven Tips to Save Money

Save Money on Groceries

I have always been very concerned with what my child, and my family in general, eats. Call me a crazy Mama, but my little one does not even know what a Cheetos Puff is. I make sure to incorporate tons of fresh vegetables, organic dairy and real meat  and make most of our meals, snacks [...]

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