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Meatless Monday

When I decided to start eating less meat, I found out that I tried to make more work for myself. I would research recipes for hours (literally) not realizing that some dishes are so easy to make meat free I am a huge fan of Mexican dishes so I started looking there since they are [...]

Parenting Mistakes

It has been a while! Between school starting and all the other parental duties, it has been a crazy few weeks. My casa (house) has been filled with lots of yelling lately! My daughter, who was born in 2006, has really kicked the attitude up a notch. I find myself playing the “Bad Cop” a [...]

Making friends as an Army wife

I recently posed this question on the Facebook group for Married to the Army. And a large majority said they met people online that they clicked with better rather than those who they met in person. For me, it’s a mixed bag. When my husband first joined, we were the only ones on my sites [...]

Avoid Convenience Foods

Let’s face it, most of the time, home cooking soothes the soul like nothing else can. It is also much easier on my budget and much healthier for my family. That being said, not everyone has time to make everything from scratch to avoid the pitfalls of processed food and tighten that grocery budget. Between [...]


Military One Source A dear friend asked me last week what my problem was with Military One Source (MOS), and I thought this would be a good topic for this blog. To be clear, my problem with MOS is not that I think they aren’t a good company or have usable and reliable resources for [...]

PTSD Paranoria

As Uncle Sams Mistress explained in an earlier post, a common symptom of PTSD is paranoia.  In my husband’s case, he became increasingly paranoid of others after each deployment (three total).  This was something that I did notice when we saw each other, but thought nothing of since it was quite mild at the time.  [...]

Army Rumors and Army News

The old saying goes, bad news travels fast.  But I have come to find that in the case of deployments and relaying information to your spouse, bad news doesn’t travel fast, if it even travels at all.  You are in a unique position. You have the power to share or not share any and all [...]

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