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Holiday Jumble: Making Christmas Ornaments

I have a confession to make. I have already decorated for Christmas. I know, I know. I swore I’d hold out until the day after Thanksgiving. Then I was sorting through clothes, moving winter clothes into closets and summer clothes into storage. Well, as long as MyHero and I were shifting things around storage we [...]

We recently PCS’d to our new duty station, and I have been having a blast incorporating new finds with our old things that waited patiently for us in storage while we were in Korea. My latest passion? Getting the things I want, and need, for our new place on the cheap. While our new place [...]

Decorative Dry Erase Board for Meal Planning

My family has been moving since our little one was a week old (well before visions of the Army danced in DH’s head). I love the opportunities to see the world that our many moves have provided (both before the army and now), yet, I didn’t always ┬álove how I often felt like a stranger [...]

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