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When the Bottom Drops Out

When living with PTSD and TBI, every day seems like forever. Some days are better than others. Often times, we spend our hours covering up for our veterans, apologizing, lying to ourselves….ignoring our worst fears and only hoping for the best. We clean them up when they are a mess…when they are drunk, we put [...]

When YOU Become the Punching Bag of PTSD

I think it’s safe to say that when one is involved with someone suffering from PTSD you inevitably become the emotional punching bag.  And let’s be honest – it SUCKS! I would consider myself a pretty strong woman as I grew up with a father who made it his job to point out all of [...]

When PTSD Turns Physical

So I have been putting this topic off for a while now….mostly because I wasn’t sure how to address the questions or the stories shared with me and because I know what you are going through. Inwardly, I think I have been avoiding this topic because it hit so close to home, and I am [...]

Nightmares and Depression

In my previous posts, I have gone over different symptoms of PTSD that my husband has suffered from, but that have also gotten better with time.  Nightmares and depression are two symptoms of PTSD that he still battles on a daily basis. Let’s start with nightmares.  Sometimes he’s lucky and will go weeks without one, [...]

How Long Will He Be Home?

I know one common question is how long will my soldier be home before he deploys again?  I wish I had the answer to that million dollar question, I sadly do not.  I have asked around how long National Guard soldiers are home before they deploy again and I got responses anywhere from 6 months [...]

~The weekend I just experienced was more than I can write in one blog, so I will be breaking this down into several entries~ I mentioned in an earlier blog that I would be attending a retreat sponsored by Operation Homefront’s newest group, Wounded Warrior Wives. The retreat, Women of Warriors (WOW), was held in [...]

In this post, I’ll go over some of the ways in which my husband began to act recklessly as a result of PTSD. Reckless Behavior #1: Drinking “It’s Miller Time!”  Recognize the popular beer slogan?  Well, when my husband got out of the Army, any time of the day was Miller Time.  Any excuse for [...]

A dear friend of mine wrote on her Army Wife blog, Married to the Army, about PTSD and the families that live with it. Her blog made me think about a few things and how the families behind the PTSD curtain aren’t really mentioned that much in or out of military communities. Is it our [...]

Deployment Songs

If you’re like me, you have songs you listen to during each deployment. There’s the “drive into a pine tree” songs (and please don’t actually do that!) and then there are the ones that cheer you up when you’re having a down day. When I dropped my husband off for one deployment, I put a [...]


Military One Source A dear friend asked me last week what my problem was with Military One Source (MOS), and I thought this would be a good topic for this blog. To be clear, my problem with MOS is not that I think they aren’t a good company or have usable and reliable resources for [...]

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