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Army Rumors and Army News

The old saying goes, bad news travels fast.  But I have come to find that in the case of deployments and relaying information to your spouse, bad news doesn’t travel fast, if it even travels at all.  You are in a unique position. You have the power to share or not share any and all [...]

Save Your Sanity and Prepare For The Deployment

Prepare for Army Deployment

Is it the beginning of the end of your sanity?  Absolutely not!  When it comes to deployments, I think this is the first feeling that many of us have, especially if this is you and your spouses’ first deployment.  So many questions loom over you and with all of the nagging thoughts swimming around in [...]

Dealing with the Kids’ Questions about Death

Helping kids cope with deployments

Death or the fear of dying….. Whether you are a military family or not, the fear is the same. However, when you are a military family it often hits to close to home. At some point, our children will have questions for us and we will have to answer to them. I read somewhere that children [...]

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