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How Long Will He Be Home?

I know one common question is how long will my soldier be home before he deploys again?  I wish I had the answer to that million dollar question, I sadly do not.  I have asked around how long National Guard soldiers are home before they deploy again and I got responses anywhere from 6 months [...]

Note: I apologize for the delay in getting a new National Guard post up – but I’ve been slightly distracted since Clark proposed to me!  We are getting married in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving, and then we will do a marriage celebration (a.k.a. reception) in 2012 after he gets back from his deployment. The National [...]

National Guard? Reserves? What’s the Difference?

National Guard vs Reserves

I get asked many questions about the National Guard, but the one I hear the most frequently is “What is the difference between the National Guard and Reserves?”. There are many similarities, but one major difference. The National Guard reports to both the state government and the federal government.  Both the governor of the state [...]

Joining the Army National Guard

Army National Guard

Welcome to being a National Guard wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or in some other way interested in the National Guard!  My name is Danielle and my boyfriend Clark is in the Army National Guard, and while I don’t believe that I am an expert by any means, I am going to tell you about our [...]

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