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How Long Will He Be Home?

I know one common question is how long will my soldier be home before he deploys again?  I wish I had the answer to that million dollar question, I sadly do not.  I have asked around how long National Guard soldiers are home before they deploy again and I got responses anywhere from 6 months [...]

Military Wedding Commandment 5: You Gotta Have Friends!

You’re reading the title, and I can already hear what you’re thinking: “I have friends, they will be sitting in the congregation thankyouverymuch.” “Well duh, someone has to witness the thing!” “What do my friends have to do with MY wedding?” Answers: Yes, Yes and A Lot. Commandment 5: You Gotta Have Friends!

Note: I apologize for the delay in getting a new National Guard post up – but I’ve been slightly distracted since Clark proposed to me!  We are getting married in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving, and then we will do a marriage celebration (a.k.a. reception) in 2012 after he gets back from his deployment. The National [...]

Military Wedding Commandment 6: Take a Load Off!

You’ve planned the wedding. You’ve been intimately invested in every detail, hoping that what’s in your head somewhat resembles what happens in real life. You’ve taken yoga, you are centered, you are ready. Then the cake is chocolate, when you obviously ordered red velvet. Everything is ruined – the show can NOT go on, and [...]

Making friends as an Army wife

I recently posed this question on the Facebook group for Married to the Army. And a large majority said they met people online that they clicked with better rather than those who they met in person. For me, it’s a mixed bag. When my husband first joined, we were the only ones on my sites [...]

Plan in Pencil

I’m a planner. I like a map of what will happen when, who will be included and how much it will effect the budget. Fuschi and Smelly both celebrated birthdays in August. It’s also back-to-school time for the big boys. August is a busy month for us. So, with my sanity in mind, I sat [...]

Quality Time Alone

When my husband and I were living in different states, I would get so annoyed seeing cute couples together.  I know, I know…we made our choices, and we were doing what we needed to do.  But when your significant other is thousands of miles away, it can be annoying to watch your friends (or complete [...]

Military Wedding Planning

How well do you know yourself and all the facets of your personality? It may not seem like it, but it’s crucial to how you approach your planning process and even your wedding. Have you ever seen a bride stuffed into a dress that’s obviously not ‘her’? How about a bride so stressed she can’t [...]

Top 10 Reasons I Hate the Army

Why I Hate the Army

As I said in my first post about top ten reasons I love the Army, I am not all sunshine and rainbows about Army life. There are definitely a few things I wish were different about Army life. So without further adieu, let’s dive in to the ten things I hate about the Army. 10. [...]

Plan an Army Wedding

I would venture to say that a majority of military couples get married in one of the following options: a) Married before the Army b) Waited to marry till the service member is out. c) Married at the Justice of the Peace (JoP), with the expectation of a ‘big’ wedding later. And that’s great if [...]

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