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Preparing to Move Overseas, Continued

I’m going to back up a little bit on our Germany adventure and continue with preparing to move overseas. This was our first PCS, so I am certainly a newbie. However, hopefully you can pick up some good hints if this is your first OCONUS PCS. Moving Your Household Goods Once you have your no-fee [...]

Cell Phones in Europe

I’m back after my PSC hiatus! I am now officially living in Germany, and I have a lot of good information to pass along to those of you heading to Europe. One of the first issues with settling in was getting in contact with people. Getting a “handy” in Germany is very easy to do, [...]

Preparing to PCS Overseas with the Army

Military PCS Germany

Hi everyone, my name is Laurie and I’m going to be your overseas guru. First, I have a confession to make- my husband and I are not overseas yet. However, I’m going to be blogging my adventure as it happens, so I hope to provide all of you with the most current information as I [...]

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